V.A. Glushkov - technical university postgraduate,
A.I. Glushkov - research engineer

January, 21st, 2004

Our planet: new laws and phenomenon

1. Birth and development of distance laser measurements made it possible to discover a shell - Sodium layer, positive particles, at a height of 90 km. It is determined that there is a negatively charged particles layer (Ozone layer) at a distance of 70 km from the Sodium layer, at a height of 20 km. It is also determined that at a distance of 35 km from the Ozone layer, downwards along the planet radius, at a depth of -15 km, there is a changeover from acid granite rocks to basic rocks, basalt - Conrad layer. Taking into account alternation regularity, we can assume, that maximal concentration of positive charges (Layer) is at a depth of -50 km. See Fig. 1. Thus, we've determined the first law of radial distribution of polarity and charge density of planet's shells, as well as the first phenomenon of spherical wave with period of 140 km generation.

2. It is experimentally determined that there are following environment temperatures at different heights and depths: -85÷-140°C at a height of 90 km, 0°C at a height of 55 km, -40÷-60°C at a height of 20 km, +600°C at a depth of -15 km. Taking into account radial temperatures alternation regularity with the period of 35 km, we can assume, that there is a low temperature layer at a depth of -50 km, and high temperature layer at a height of 125 km. See Fig. 2. Thus, we've determined the second law of radial periodic sequence of planet's layers' temperature change, as well as the second phenomenon of spherical standing wave with period of 70 km generation. The wave has areas of recessive wave - rarefication - cooling (90 km, 20 km, -50 km, etc) and incoming wave - compression - warming (125 km, 55 km, -15 km etc).

3. Negatively charged shell - atmosphere layer from the height of 55 km, including planet surface, down to the depth of -15 km moves from West to East. Positively charged shell, that includes noctilucent clouds and Sodium layer, from the height of 55 km up to 125 km, moves from East to West. Thus, the third law of alternation of shells polarity and their movement direction defines, that positively charged shell, situated from the depth of -15 km down to -85 km, moves from East to West and negatively charged shell, situated from the height of 125 km up to 195 km, moves from West to East. See Fig. 3. This law determines the phenomenon of parallel countermotion of planet shells with different polarities, i.e. rotation direction of negatively charged shells (-15 km ÷ 55 km etc) is from West to East, and for positively charged shells (55 km ÷ 125 km, -15 km ÷ -85 km etc) - is from East to West.

4. Experiments discovered the fact of worming of planet layers at a height of 55 km and at a depth of -15 km. On the other hand, these layers are areas of friction of countermoving planet shells. See Fig. 4. Thereby, tribolayers of touching planet shells have temperatures: 0°C at a height of 55 km and 600°C at a depth of -15 km. And this is the indicator of contacting rubbing mediums' density.

5. There were discovered heated layers: 0°C at a height of 55 km and 600°C at a depth of -15 km. But they are also contacting areas of planet layers of different polarity. The phenomenon consists in the fact, that layers are heated by leakage and discharge currents between shells of different polarity. It occurs during the Sun activity periods - a layer at a height of 55 km is heated up to 40°C and more, and volcanos activity grows in a layer at a depth of -15 km. See Fig. 5.

6. A phenomenon of charged particles electromagnetic separation by oppositely moving planet's shells of different polarity, that are situated at a height of 90 km, 20 km and at a depth of -50 km. The phenomenon consists in the fact, that motive charged particles at a height of 90 km and at a depth of -50 km move from East to West, at a height of 20 km - from West to East. These particles create self-magnetic fields, are compacted according to Ampere's current tube law, repel with their magnetic fields, form layers - shells, separating moving charges of environment. Thus we get charge density distribution shown in fig. 6. And results of electromagnetic separation phenomenon are planet spherical capacitor structures.

7. There was derived a phenomenon of continuous planet biosphere capacitor capacity, its electric field intensity and energy increase. The capacitor is formed by positively charged shell at a depth of -50 km and negatively charged shell at a height of 20 km. The phenomenon consists in the fact, that interelectrode space is filled with heterogeneous dielectric at a speed of 10÷20 mm a year from positive electrode-shell. This continuously decreases the gap between planet's surface and negative electrode - shell at a height of 20 km, that leads to the increase of capacity, field intensity and energy of spherical capacitor. See fig. 7.

8. A phenomenon of continuous atmosphere leakage currents' increase, as well as increase of power, amount and duration of disruptions between shells. The phenomenon consists in the fact, that all these effects heat up the atmosphere, form whirl structures of twisters, hurricanes, great air masses, cyclones, anticyclones, rings in oceans, ring structures on the planet's surface. This also leads to formation of deposits from oil, gas and metals to quartz tubes, to ground dewatering, fires, rivers and waters filling, floods, cloudburst floods, earthquakes, volcanic activity. All mentioned and related natural phenomena belong to continuous radial planet surface growth and, as a result, capacity, field intensity and energy increase of capacitor, which positive electrode is at a depth of -50 km and negative - at a height of 20 km, and which interelectrode dielectric (planet surface) continuously grows. See fig. 7.

9. A phenomenon of continuous intensification of electrokinetic and rheological effects on organisms' homeostasis, on bio-colloids of human and animal blood, on primary wood and phloem juices. The phenomenon consists in the fact, that human, animal and plant dipoles are in the field of capacitor, formed by positive coating at a depth of -50 km and negative coating at a height of 20 km. And planet's surface continuously radially grows, thus increasing capacity, field intensity and energy of this capacitor. So, continuous increase of electric field, currents, intensification of electrokinetic and rheological effects and biosystem homeostasis destruction affect mentioned dipoles. This leads to setting-outs in biological liquids, embolism, cell membrane electric potential growth and its puncture, etc. Also it activates biosystem feedback mechanism, that reduces generation of leucocytes, haemoglobin, etc in blood, thus weakening organism in exchange for life. Besides, this leads to viruses and bacteria activation energy growth. See fig. 7.

10. A phenomenon of continuous gradual vital activity surface (biosphere) movement through planet's shells. The phenomenon consists in the fact that due to continuous radial planet growth, vital activity surface (biosphere) went through the rarefaction area (cooling), i.e. through positive shell at a depth of -50 km. It was Ice Age. Taking radial increment rate as 10÷20 mm per year, it happened roughly
years ago. And the planet rotated then from East to West.

Furthermore, approaching - 15 km, density and temperature grew. This was followed by a pressing (heating) area, by birth of oppositely rotating (from West to East) radial increment at entering a negative shell. Friction of oppositely rotating new and old shells and leakage and discharge currents create tribolayer - magma with temperature of ~600°C at the level of -15 km. Rotation direction change at entering a negative shell caused a great mass of water move
- the Deluge approximately million years ago.

Also it caused geomagnetic poles change. Then temperature decreased to the range at the level of 0 km - current state. It is followed by rarefaction (cooling) area to the height of +20 km, Ice Age approach on one hand and leakage and discharges currents heating on another hand. Having passed the area +20 km, electromagnetic separation will place all positive water particles to the next positive shell at a height of +90 km. Planet's surface will be dewatered. Further surface movement will reduce the content of oxygen in the atmosphere. Life will be impossible. Apocalypse. Tribolayer at a height of +55 km will bury the civilization's signs. Planet's surface will start rotating from East to West. The next cycle will begin with appearance of water on the planet starting from +90 km. See fig. 8.

All these laws are appropriate to other planets, moons, stars. Considering them we can see that our neighbours - Mars and Venus - will not be able to receive us. There will be neither water nor air on them. Even if we start annual building 10-seaters spaceships today, then only 1÷2 million of 6 billion people will have hope to survive. And where are proper technologies? And where to go? It is the definition of mankind existence objective, but neither hostility, nor schemes, nor wars, nor divide of markets of depleting fossil energy-carriers. So how can we save billion of human lifes of our civilization? Countdown goes on.

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